A BIG Howdy TO Y`All

 Welcome to S.S.A.A ( Vic ) Little River Raiders Single Action Shooting Club *

Victoria’s largest single action shooting club.

Where the American Ol’ West lives on


President:  Tony Diablo   0419 187 980

  Secretary:  Buck Silverton    0423 052 942  


Single Action Shooting is the only small arms shooting              discipline in which all three firearm types – handgun, rifle and shotgun are utilized.

It is a shooting discipline which reprises the firearms typical of those used in the taming of the “Old West”: single action   handguns, lever action rifles and side by side or pre 1899 lever action shotguns.

It is a re-enactment sport. That means participants are             required to not only use the firearms of the era, but to dress as such, and to observe qualities of conduct reminiscent of the 1800’s.

Shooting competitions are staged so as to enact the                   “theater” of the Old West. It is because we are a                      re-enactment sport that we are one of the few shooting          disciplines eligible to use handguns up to .45 caliber.



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