About Us

Little River Raiders Single Action Shooting Club is Victoria’s largest club dedicated to Single Action (cowboy) shooting. We are located at SSAA (Vic) Eagle Park shooting complex, Gifkin Road, Little River.  We shoot Club competitions on the 3rd Sunday of each month, and Wild Bunch and members practice days on the 4th Sunday of the month.  Range set-up at 8:30 am and shooting commences at 9:00 am.

Visitors are always welcome at the Club comps.  Please come equipped with eye and ear protection.

Single action is the only shooting discipline which uses all three side-arm types – handgun; rifle; shotgun.

Single Action is a re-enactment sport.  We reprise the firearms, dress and demeanor of the American Old West.  We compete using firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Wild West – single action handguns, pistol caliber lever action rifles and old-time side-by-side shotguns.It is a timed sport where speed and accuracy count, but never at the expense of safety and sportsmanship.  Competitions are staged so as to enact the ‘theatre’ of the Old West.  Participants are required to not only use the firearms of the era, but to dress as such, and to observe qualities of conduct reminiscent of the 1800’s.  It is because we are a re-enactment sport that we are one of few shooting disciplines eligible to use handguns over .38 up to .45.


We compete within categories of the members’ own choice – cowboy; wrangler; B Western (dress); duelist; gunfighter; black powder; etc.  Age groupings are provided and ladies compete against ladies in the category of their choice. 


We also hold Long range Rifle events here we shoot period-correct single shot rifles such as the Sharps, Remington Rolling Block and Springfield trapdoor rifles. Lever action rifles in rifle caliber, pistol caliber and .22 are also a part of Long Range Rifle event.

We are drawn to the romance of the Ol’ West, and we live the dream.

It is said, “If’n yer gunna shoot single action, ye’d better bring along yer sense of humor.”

“Spirit of the Game” defines our sport.  ‘Spirit of the Game’ is sportsmanship respect for each other, and doing the right thing.

Membership of Little River raiders is open to any member of SSAA and you must have (or undertake to acquire) the requisite Handgun License as well as a Category B Long arms licence.

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